Emmett UK is a privately owned farming business that grows vegetables, salads and flowers for some of the UK’s leading supermarkets. They grow more than 95% of the products that they sell, with farms in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Wales and Spain. The company were looking to upgrade the current lighting system in place with high quality LED products throughout the site at Spalding, Lincolnshire.

The Requirement:

The client had a mixture of fluorescent tubes, GU10 halogen lamps, metal halide bay lights and sodium floodlights and were looking to reduce their energy consumption throughout the site to reduce their carbon footprint.
They also had on-going issues with the current light levels within their despatch and production areas which was causing picking and packing errors.

In addition to the lighting circuit’s high energy consumption within the temperature controlled areas, there is also more power consumed by the cooling system to maintain the desired temperature.
This is due to the inefficiency of the metal halide lights producing more waste heat that had to be removed by the refrigeration system.

This is often referred to as the coefficient of performance or COP, please see attached datasheet for full explanation.

Maintenance on the current lighting system was a very expensive task as accessibility to the bay lights was some what reduced by production machinery on site. A product with a lifetime increase was required to reduce this as much as possible.

The Solution:

After a site evaluation, the project specification team advised replacing the current lighting system with a highly efficient lighting system throughout.
The lights installed offered an increase in light levels in critical area’s whilst also reducing the total energy consumption on site by more than 70%.
The team over at Emmetts were very pleased with the results.


  • Annual energy saving of £74,954.47
  • Minimised picking and packing errors due to increase in light levels
  • Total energy consumption reduction by more than 70%

Energy Savings

Annual Electricity Bill Before

Annual Electricity Bill After

Energy Savings Per Annum

Total saving per year including COP: £74,954.47

The coefficient of performance or COP (sometimes CP) of a heat pump is a ratio of heating or cooling provided to work required. Higher COPs equate to lower operating costs.

Extra Savings For Refrigerated Environments Explained

When LED lights are used to replace less efficient light sources, typically Metal Halide or SON Lighting, there is an additional saving gained when used in refrigerated environments. Download our free PDF with more information.