The effectiveness of LED lighting within school applications is now widely acknowledged and our solutions are perfect for learning environments. Switching from Fluorescents to LEDs will drastically improve the productivity of a learning environment with increased LUX and whiter colour temperatures.

Prolite LED solutions for schools are suitable for :



Sports Hall


Through the installation of high-quality LED lighting, which mimics natural light and offers a higher colour rendition and uniformity compared to conventional lighting, it is possible to create a more stimulating working environment for students and teachers alike. Based on realistic assumptions, changing the lighting in a learning environment to LED has been estimated as increasing pupil productivity by up to 20%.

In addition to increased productivity, LED solutions also dramatically reduce the school’s energy costs and carbon footprint. Prolite’s LED products can be fitted with occupancy sensing which helps to further reduce energy and maintenance costs. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LEDs do not contain hazardous material such as mercury, which could pose a risk to student health if a light were to be broken on site. As well as the lack of toxic material, Prolite LED fittings have a glass free construction and integrated control ballasts which means if a light is broken it will not cause possible injury to people in the near vicinity. 

Prolite offers a smooth install from start to finish with a dedicated project team to oversee the lighting upgrade. Our team will provide an in-depth survey of the current lighting in situ, documenting energy usage and light levels of all current fittings. After in depth discussions with the client, we will then produce lighting plots to show our recommended solution to meet their requirements and provide the client with an in-depth breakdown of the savings that the LED refit will generate. 

Once the project is signed off a project manager will be appointed to work closely with the install team to ensure that the upgrade to LED lighting is carried out to schedule and fully checked and signed off before the project is completed.

Our team work hard to meet and exceed client specifications and to design solutions that help customers save money on the school’s running costs whilst creating a brighter learning environment for the students and the working team. 

Project Example 1

Example Of Savings Based On A Standard Classroom

Before LED After LED Total Watts Saved
1506W 576W 930W


Before LED After LED LUX Gained
430 LUX 520 LUX 90 LUX


*Lux is a standardised unit of measurement of light level intensity (which can also be called “illuminance” or “illumination”)

Before LED After LED Saving
£365.04 £134 £230


Trial and Evaluation

We strongly suggest a trial and test of the proposed solution. As well as confirming the projected LUX levels it gives the customer best opportunity to see benefits of better lighting and ensure that the solution has no unforeseen physical or aesthetic issues on fitment.

Capital Cost Recovery

Wherever commercially advantageous we use ECA approved equipment. Advice and assistance can be provided to allow the navigation through subsequent HMRC paperwork.


Separate finance packages are available for larger projects and cost benefits can be made.


On-Site or Remote Lighting Survey Available

Prolite Lamps are able to offer customers either an on-site or remote LED Lighting survey for all types of different applications nationwide. The Prolite Projects team offer advice upon the following.

Potential quality of light increases
Energy saving audit calculations
Lighting design recommendations