The Requirement:

The Prolite Projects team were contacted to plan a lighting design for underneath a new mezzanine area that was being built within part of a large warehouse.

The lighting needed to provide enough light for the stores personnel to pack and wrap pallets and parcels.

The customer wanted to maximise the space that could be used below the mezzanine for storage therefore was interested in low LED profile fittings.

The Solution:

Prolite’s range of Lo-Pro Fittings were the perfect solution to this requirement.

The Prolite project team planned the installation within the Relux Lighting simulation programme to ensure the correct number of fittings were installed to meet the required light levels in the under mezzanine area.

Ritelite provided an excellent service in both specification and supply of the lighting for our new mezzanine area. The area has been transformed by the bright, pure white, LED fixtures. We’re delighted.

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