Warehouse Lighting Systems

Warehouse Lighting Systems

We believe that any warehouse running metal halide or sodium lighting can benefit from higher efficiency and lower costs with a new LED warehouse lighting system

Our Warehouse Lighting Systems Service

Prolite have worked on various lighting systems in warehouses and can apply our knowledge, skills and products to facilities throughout the UK. Whatever lighting is required for your warehouse area we can recommend the best possible LED solution to complete the job.

Prolite offer a wide variety of LED lighting products and sensors to ensure that the LED lighting install is able to provide the required light levels and achieve the maximum possible energy savings. All recommendations can be supported by full relux lighting plots to confirm lux levels that can be achieved.

After conducting a site evaluation our dedicated lighting team will be able to advise on the best possible products for the project. In the past Prolite have developed bespoke products to create unique solutions for lighting specific warehouse areas and have an in house design and development team to ensure that the best solution for the customer can be achieved.

Warehouse Lighting Systems Case Studies

From aisle lighting using our innovative LED Tray Bay with integral occupancy sensor to LED High bay disc lights Prolite are constantly reviewing our products to ensure we can offer the best products required for the application.

Benefits of switching your Warehouse Lighting System to LED

Instant bright white high power LED light

Reduced maintenance costs

Energy savings – reduced electricity bill.

Longer life of fittings

Crisp and clean light to eliminate packaging errors

Instant re-strike

Even greater energy savings when used in conjunction with sensor systems

Easy installation

Warehouse Lighting System Project Example 1

The client had originally an open area storage facility where a new racking layout was installed to maximise their storage space in the area. The new LED lighting required re-positioning and a light level increase was required due to new quality control checks on product within the area. Prolite’s design team installed their cutting edge high powered LED High Bay Disc lights within the area to offer an increased crisp and clean light level for the staff. The customer was very satisfied with the results and has since then upgraded their lighting elsewhere around the site.

WattageLUXRunning Costs
10,200W300+£2448.00 P/A

Warehouse Lighting System Project Example 2

The client’s 905m² logistics facility was illuminated using a dull sodium lighting system. The requirement from the client was to increase light levels to minimise picking and packing errors for the site, a big problem for the site before Prolite was appointed to installed a 5 year maintenance free lighting system.

Wattage Before LEDWattage After LEDTotal Watts Saved
Cost Before LEDCost After LEDSaving
£43,041.37 P/A£18,425.43 P/A£24,615.93 P/A

Free Lighting Survey

Prolite Lamps are offering free LED Lighting survey for all types of different applications nationwide.

A FREE NO OBLIGATION on site survey with a demonstration of our products during the survey, we will offer advice upon the following.

  • Potential quality of light increases
  • Energy saving audit calculations
  • Free of charge lighting design service
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Get Your Prolite Site Survey

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