Grantham Town Christmas Tree 2019


Prolite’s range of G95 Starry Lamps are a perfect solution for easy and mesmerizing decorative lighting. These lamps contain a string of flashing LED’s inside the 95mm polycarbonate globe lamp. The flashing LED’s create an awesome funky starry effect, ideal for creating accent lighting, in hotels, bars, restaurants and shops as well as in homes. The polycarbonate lens makes this perfect outdoor use as there is no risk of broken glass. They would create a fantastic atmosphere on a festoon, lighting up beer gardens, marquees, festivals as well as patios.
During the run up to Christmas in 2019, we supplied Edmundson Electrical Grantham with a selection of G95 Lamps to decorate the Grantham Town Christmas Tree. This project was a huge success and the tree looked bright & festive.

The G95’s will make fantastic decorations for the festive season ahead. They are suitable for applications such as Christmas trees / indoor & outdoor festoon / domestic or commercial uses.

The lamps used on this job, provided by Ritelite tick all the boxes. They are well made, and the lamps give off a brilliant “sparkle effect”, and they are perfect for use in festoon lighting due to the material. Unless you had a hammer, you will not be breaking one of these. They’re that good I’ve even bought a couple for my house!
Anthony Breen

Assistant Manager, EEL Grantham

Festive Festoons?

In addition to our G95 Star Lamps, we also stock a wide range of coloured filament lamps, crackle effect lamps and smoked glass filament lamps that are perfect for decorative & effect lighting applications.

Our ST64’s & T45’s (pictured below) can be used in indoor or outdoor festoons. You can mix colours to personal preference to create your desired effect (red and green looks especially lovely around Christmas time).

Contact our Lamps department for more information on products and prices.