Infrared Heater Lamps


Infra-red Heater Lamps 1400W 120V/240V 350mm R7S SK15 Lamps for infra-red heaters and drying applications. A comprehensive range is available with a choice of connector including R7S cap and SK15 fly leads. Available in 120V and 240V, 350mm length.



Infrared Ruby Slim 350mm R7S Push Fit

IRK Ruby 350mm R7S

Infrared Ruby Slim 350mm SK15 Fly Leads

IRK Ruby 350mm SK15

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120V 1400W R7S Push Fit, 120V 1400W SK15 Fly Leads, 240V 1400W R7S Push Fit, 240V 1400W SK15 Fly Leads