Maintained and Non Maintained Emergency options

What is non-maintained emergency lighting?

Non-maintained emergency lighting is a luminaire made solely for emergency use. It is designed to only come on in the event of a mains power failure, making sure all emergency exit routes are clearly illuminated. The luminaire will not be active as normal day-to-day lighting and is normally used in workplaces e.g. factories or offices where people are familiar with escape routes. This type of emergency lighting is most common in bulkhead or twin spot fittings and as emergency exit signs.

What is maintained emergency lighting?

Maintained emergency lighting luminaires are built to be lit continuously and will continue to work in the event of a power failure, although normally at a lower light level. Just like a normal luminaire, when running ordinarily these luminaires will take power from the mains supply, but when they switch to emergency mode they take power from a back up battery. This type of emergency lighting is suitable for public places e.g. hotels, shopping centres and cinemas.