Lumens and Watts

Lumens and Watts explained
In previous years when looking to replace a lamp you would use the wattage as the indicator for the brightness that is required. As time has gone on so has the development of light sources leading to lower wattages and brighter lamps.

Where an old incandescent lamp would require a 60w a modern led would achieve the similar brightness using only an 6W lamp. This has rendered looking at the wattage of a lamp as no longer useful when looking at buying light bulbs, today we are confronted with the Lumen figure(light output) on the box as opposed to the wattage equivalent.

Lumens are the units in which light is measured therefore this is a much more accurate way to ensure that the lamps will be bright enough as required.

lumens and watts
Lumens is the measurement of visible light emitted by a light source (Symbol LM)

Wattage is a measurement of power.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]