Will Prolite LED dimmable bulbs work with standard dimmers.
The Prolite technical team have worked very hard to make sure that our Prolite dimmable LED lamps work with the majority of standard Household dimmers. Due to the huge amount of dimmers in the market 100% compatibility cannot be guaranteed however and customers may have to change the dimmers occasionally.
Do LED Lamps produce as much heat as CFL or Incandescent lamps?
LED Lamps emit much less heat that CFL or Incandescent lamps. LED lamps also operate at a lower temperature than CFL or Incandescent lamps making them the perfect solutions for cold environments such as cold stores.
Do compact Fluorescent Lamps flicker?
o they should not flicker. Any flickering CFL lamps should be replaced.
Can Energy saving lamps be used in cold areas?
CFL’s take longer to start up when they are cold. In cold areas for instant light LED or halogen lamps would work more quickly.
How Bright are LED’s
The brightness of a bulb is measured in lumens (Lm), the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb. Despite using very low wattages, LEDs are able to emit the same brightness as traditional light sources.
What are the benefits of switching LED tube lights to LED Tubes?