Paten & Co

Paten & Co

Paten & Co, Stamford

The Requirement:

After seeing our Funky filament LED Light bulbs, Knead Pubs asked if we could provide advice and product options to fit some unique fittings that had been collected by the proprietor.

The Solution:

One of our lighting specialists viewed the site during the building and renovation process. After seeing the fittings, we were able to specify some decorative and functional LED options that were in keeping with the aesthetics of the Paten & Co Venue yet offered the proprietors an energy saving from traditional wattage light bulbs.
Ritelite helped us source some unique lamps to add amazing lighting effects to our pub Paten & Co after our proprietor found some vintage and industrial light fittings. They were full of knowledge and good suggestions, directing us to the right solution for our venue.
Ross Dykes

Operations Manager