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Stamford Tennis Club

Stamford Tennis Club


Stamford Tennis Club are one of the largest tennis clubs in Lincolnshire, with over 370 members that share the use of 7 all-weather courts with Stamford School.

The 14-year-old lighting system that was originally in place at the courts were power hungry sodium floodlights that offered very low colour rendition and overall quality of light to the courts. This meant that tracking the ball when in play was proving difficult for the court users.

The Requirement:

Graham Winestone, Stamford Tennis Club House Manager, was passionate about finding a unique, long-term, sustainable solution that would improve lighting levels over the court areas in a joint resurfacing revamp project.

The challenge that was brought to the Prolite Projects team was how to raise the LUX levels significantly above the old system to achieve the required LTA lighting level standards.

After a full site evaluation, light modelling and initial site testing, the Prolite Projects team carefully selected multiple, highly efficient LED Sport products from the Prolite range to recommend for installation at the site.

These luminaires combine highly efficient, high output LED’s with state-of-the-art asymmetric lensing to prevent both upward light spillage as well as glare on the courts.

The Solution:

Once the fittings had been approved an installation plan was devised by the Prolite Projects team to help minimise disruption to the club’s operational times. This plan included the critical setup process of the light heads, optimising light levels for the courts ongoing.
The final results met and exceeded expectations. The LUX on the PPA was improved by more than double from 247 LUX to over 570 LUX (within the PPA areas) and the high quality white light provided creates a much better environment for players.



I would definitely recommend Ritelite’s Prolite Projects team to any clubs who are considering upgrading their lighting system. They develop productive relationships with customers and deliver to time, cost and specification.
Graham Winestone

House Manager, Stamford Tennis Club