The March Hare Tearooms

The March Hare Tearooms

The March Hare Tearooms

The Requirement:

The Prolite Lamps project team have recently assisted the new owner, Amy Roberts, of the March Hare at the Pantry Café in Corby Glen, Lincolnshire with a lighting makeover.

When Amy took over the business in the Autumn of 2018 the lighting was a mixture of fluorescent strip light fittings left over from when the building was a doctors surgery and other odd lights that had been added at different times.

Amy wanted to create a much softer lighting effect that was more in keeping with a café environment yet also interesting to add to the quirkiness of the March Hare theme.

The Solution:

Through the installation of a mixture of Prolite lamps including 4 Giant Funky Filament PS160 Smoked lamps the Café has been transformed. The cozy corner is now much more relaxing and the main café is much more attractive to customers visiting.

Amy and her team are thrilled with the results and have had plenty of positive feedback from their regulars who have seen the transformation take place.

Thank you to Ritelite’s Prolite Lamps team for transforming The March Hare Tearooms. We had the old fashioned striplights and we needed direction to make the tearooms lighting softer, energy efficient and give it a sparkle. From strip lights to a mixture of stunning hanging lights and bright bulbs for a chandler it’s made the tearooms exactly what we were looking for. We now run much more efficiently so saving money too is always a winning combination. Thank you to Laura Hazlewood for her time and amazing advice as I had no idea where to start!
Amy Roberts

Business Owner , Ritelite gets 10 out of 10 from The March Hare Tearooms.