FloraLinc Limited

FloraLinc Limited


The client, FloraLinc Limited based in Spalding, UK, are a dedicated transport, logistics and warehousing specialist focusing on horticulture distribution in the UK and EU.

The Requirement:

The client required a renovation to their Spalding site.

This included modernising the current lighting system with a 5-year maintenance free, sustainable solution for their warehouse and despatch areas.

The lights needed to offer an increase in light output whilst at the same time generating high energy savings and a significant reduction to their current maintenance costs associated with their current metal halide fittings.

The Solution:

After a site evaluation with one of our preferred installation partners, the Prolite Project team advised replacing the power hungry 400w metal halide fittings with Prolite’s 150w linear LED bay light fittings.

These fittings offered a “like for like” replacement to the fittings in situ yet increased uniform light levels of over 50% and managed a full project return on investment within 1.5 years for the site on energy alone.

Both the site’s maintenance costs and carbon emissions have also been reduced massively post LED installation.