Witham Hall School

Witham Hall School

Prolite’s latest project has been to design and install a permanent lighting system, optically designed for sports, to illuminate the new 4 court area at Witham Hall school.

Witham Hall is a co-educational day and boarding school situated in Witham on the Hill in Lincolnshire. Set within a stunning Queen Anne mansion and surrounded by parkland and gardens, Witham Hall prides itself in providing a holistic education that enables every child to reach their potential in all areas of their education including on the sports pitches.

The Requirement:

The Ritelite projects team were challenged to specify and install a completely new lighting solution for Witham Hall’s recently built sports complex’s quad tennis court area.

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Grimsthorpe Castle 1
Grimsthorpe Castle 2

After a full site evaluation, light modelling and initial site testing it was determined that the specification of the new lighting system needed to be close to the Lawn Tennis Association’s specification for tennis court lighting.

The Solution:

To reach the design brief and achieve the full lighting potential on this sized area the Prolite design team created a new product. The team took an existing light in the Prolite range that has been optically designed for sports and designed and developed new bracketry for this specific installation to minimise glare and light pollution and create instant, even daylight lighting across all 4 courts.

To help minimise disruption to the students education and in preparation for the new term starting in September, the Prolite Projects team took the opportunity to carry out the installation work during the Summer holidays. The installation team liaised with the school’s electrical team to successfully organise cabling required for the installation and installed the floodlights via laser setup guides. The installation work included digging trenches, laying cables and installing bespoke coloured lighting columns to match the schools current fencing and netting hardware.

Luke Graham, Bursar and Sam Willis, Head of Sports are delighted with the results!

“Prolite Projects did an excellent job both in understanding the necessary spec of the project and in advising how to implement the installation as seamlessly as possible. From a myriad of possible options, we felt well guided and, while we deliberated over the various options, their willingness to explore all possible options was invaluable. The result is a highly professional job and a sporting facility that is far beyond what we could have expected.” – Luke O.T. Graham, Bursar

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Babington Community College

Babington Community College

Babington Community College

Babington Community College are a specialist sports college located in Leicester that strive to be the best that they can be, aspiring to success. They were looking for a 3-year maintenance free solution for their sports block, including external car park areas, gymnasium, walkways and their specialist Badminton court area.


The lighting system already in place used a mixture of power hungry fluorescent, metal halide and sodium lighting units. These needed frequent maintenance and the light levels for the Badminton court area were below specifications set out by Sport England.

Sport England are a national governing body that the college were proud to promote adhering to their rigorous specification criteria of everything from wall colours, flooring materials all the way through to light unit positions to light levels at task level for the sport.

The Requirement:

The client was passionate about finding a unique, sustainable, long term solution. Not only must it offer an increased high quality light level, it also needed to adhere to their policy of reducing their carbon footprint. Prolite LED lighting was the obvious choice.

The lights needed to offer a strong return on investment, reduce maintenance costs, have a high illumination level, a low energy usage and have minimal recycling costs.

Before LED

The Solution:

After a site evaluation, the Prolite technical team advised several different cutting edge LED lighting products from the range. The life expectancy of the new lighting system will vastly reduce maintenance costs for the college as replacement will not be required for at least 5 years.

In total, 250 units were installed across the college. Unlike some other LED lighting systems currently available, Prolite’s LED products simplified the process of upgrading luminaries with minimal inconvenience to the colleges working day.

With unmatched solid state technology from Prolite, the revolutionary designs of product reduced power consumption, maintenance costs, disposal costs and increased the light output across all critical areas too.

With LED

Energy Savings

Annual Electricity Bill Before

Annual Electricity Bill After

Energy Savings Per Annum