Hanson Cement is part of Hanson UK (a division of the Heidelberg Cement Group) which is split into four business lines – aggregates, concrete, asphalt and contracting and cement. Hanson UK operates around 300 manufacturing sites and employ over 3,500 people.


The Client, Hanson Cement Works at Ketton, Rutland, were looking for a 5-year maintenance free solution for their production and storage areas. The lighting system currently in place used inefficient sodium fitting which required frequent maintenance and the light levels within the production area was below industry lux recommendations for the task.

The Requirement:

The client was looking for a low-cost, higher light output solution to give an increased light output in the production and storage areas whilst at the same time reducing not only the companies carbon footprint and energy usage, but also the maintenance costs of maintaining the luminaires.

The Solution:

After a site evaluation, the Prolite technical team specified a high output range of LED high bay disc lights to be installed to increase the light output across the production areas where high light levels are critical for the task. T8 LED tubes were also installed in the production office and other enclosed working areas.

Microwave sensors were fitted to the high bay disc lights to only come on when movement was detected in the area giving the client further energy savings and a full project return on investment in under 1.5 years. The 5-year product warranty will guarantee that these savings will be made for the client.

The LUX levels on site taken from the initial survey = 250 lux average
The LUX levels on site post installation of the Prolite LED fittings = 501 lux average



Energy Savings

Annual Electricity Bill Before

Annual Electricity Bill After

Energy Savings Per Annum

Extra savings from sensor £5,597.01
Total savings: £13,164.97