LED Loading Bay Dock Light

£390.00 Inc VAT

The Prolite LED loading bay dock light offers users a high quality, highly durable LED alternative to previous halogen models with a lumen output of 5000 lumens increased robustness and a solution that is virtually maintenance free.


LED Loading Bay Dock Light

 LED Loading Bay Dock Light Key Features

Ultra Bright Light source
Highly efficient 37W 5000lm LED Head

Ruggedised Polycarbonate Food Safe Construction
Shock & Vibration resistant. IP54 LED Head

Maximum Flexibility & Positioning
Multi point adjustability allows optimum positioning to be obtained

Maintenance Free 
50,000 hour ultra long life

Unique Multi Focusing Light System – Flood & Spot Beam Adjustability

The Prolite LED Loading Bay Dock Light features a rotating variable focusing system that can be adjusted between spot and flood beams for multiple applications, the spot beam enables light to reach further inside container / warehouse area and the light can be focused to ensure minimum glare to workers.

Flood Beam

Spot Beam

Prolite LED Loading Bay Dock Light Specification

  • Maintenance free – 50,000 hour life
  • High output LED’s – 5000 lumen output!
  • Spot to flood variable focusing system
  • Compact head design to reduce possibility of impact damage
  • Suitable for food grade applications – polycarbonate lens – No glass!
  • IP54 LED head – Dust tight and able to withstand water spray.
  • Suitable for input voltage of 110-240V AC
  • Compact, foldable design enables light to be folded back against the wall of the dock when not in use.
  • Moves in 2 planes and pivots at 3 points to allow user to easily and accurately position light where required for maximum control of light.
  • All components made from high quality materials to ensure maximum life in arduous conditions

Storage: 80 cm long x 24 cm hight (inc cable exiting glands) x 15cm deep (distance away from the wall)|Fully extended length: 150cm

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