Elite Multibank Battery Chargers

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The Elite 5 way range of chargers has been designed for customers that need to charge more than one battery at a time.
Supplied in 12, 24, and 36 Volt they cover the medium current requirements in our charger range. Up to 8A in 12V, 6Amp in 24V and 2Amp in 36V.

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ModelInput VoltageOutputDimensionsWeightBattery range
Elite 1206X5110v or 230v AC12volt 6Amp x 590 x 845 x 140mm1824A/h - 44A/h
Elite 1208×5110v or 230v AC12volt 8Amp x 590 x 845 x 140mm1832A/h - 64A/h
Elite 2405×5110v or 230v AC24volt 5Amp x 590 x 845 x 140mm1820A/h - 40A/h

The Elite 5 way charger can be set for SLA/Gel/Wet/AGM batteries, these are all set in our Melksham factory in the UK.

This charger range is available in either AC input options 230V or 110 Volt, Dual 110/230V can be requested too.

Exegon have also built the 5 way Elite charger with combinations of outputs, For instance two outputs at 12V, two at 24v and one at 36v.
These are microprocessor controlled 3 stage chargers; our engineers set the current setting the upper voltage limit and the float voltage, to suit the type battery being charged. The charger can be left permanently connected without harming the battery.

We fit crocodile clips on the DC cables as standard but can fit various connectors on the customers request. 3 pin Neutrik connectors are popular on the 24V/36V chargers usually for the mobility marketplace.
The Elite 5 way charger is built in a robust steel case which can be supplied in any colour and is ideal for the rigours of charging multiple batteries at any one time.

For more technical information on the Elite Battery Charger please click on our single Elite icon and open the pdf attachment.

After talking to many of our customers for feedback we have recently improved the multibank chargers to include a charge progress display for each charging output. This is an especially useful feature on multibank units as batteries are at different charge levels when connected. The customer can then choose the battery(s) nearest to 100% charged. Please see attached data sheet explaining the process.

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