Permanent LED Sports Lighting Solution

The Prolite Projects team is able to offer customers a full lighting packaging including design, specification, groundwork, cabling, mast installation and floodlight unit commissing.

The design team work closely with the client to create a bespoke plan for their application that is modelled using the latest lighting design software to ensure that required lighting levels are met and that the finished installation will meet and exceed client expectations.


Our installation team offers a full package including groundwork, cabling, mast installation and floodlight unit commissioning. All work is undertaken by an experienced and qualified team to guarantee the highest standards of workmanship.

Lighting Design

This an example for a standard sized football pitch to FA Spec achieving 242 lux & 0.54 uniformity levels.

Sports Columns

At prolite projects we offer sports lighting columns for any situation or budget.

Base-Hinged Column

Base-hinged columns are designed to offer cost effective and safe maintenance of luminaires. They are accessed using a fail-safe lowering device allowing maintenance to be carried out safely at ground level. They are particularly suitable for sites where access is tight and mobile platforms cannot be used.

Mid-Hinged Column

Mid-hinged columns are hinged at the mid point of the mast and are lowered either manually using a rope or mechanically using a winch. They offer a safe lowering system for multi-use games areas or tennis courts.

Fixed Column

Fixed columns provided a cost effective lighting solution for any sporting application. They are available in wide range of heights with many bracket options.

Sports Columns

Prolite have a wide range of standard sports lighting schemes covering all of the popular sports at various levels of play. We supply LED lighting for all sports including:

Sports Fittings

A high performance, asymmetric floodlight suitable for the side lighting of small to medium sized sports facilities.

Features & Benerfits

Asymmetric distribution uniquely designed to reduce glare and control lighting overflow with the use of indirect LED lighting technology.

This Class 1 fixture with 130 lm/w high efficiency helps to reduce power usage.

Various types and sizes adapters allow for further mounting ability and adjustable up to 180 degree, safety strip ensures to secure installation.

Easy with external driver design.

Electric System
Class 1 ,50/60HZ, Total Harmonic Distortion:<20%, Power Factor:>0.9

Reflection is achieved by using a 9 8 % reflective concave PVD technology aluminium reflector. This V series reflector we use is the latest PVD technology of metal surface in the market.

The slim, low profile design minimizes wind load and uses easily adjustable arm mount.

Standard 10kV SPD essential protection in the event of excessive surge voltages due to lighting, optional 20Kv.

300-800W capable of delivering equivalent listing output of 750-1500W Metal Halide Fixtures.

7 years warranty.

Weights & Dimensions
Product Code Mast Height Number Of Heads Technology Weight Closed Dimensions Open Dimensions
K50/MK2-LED4 5m 4 LED 210Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 5315mm
K50/MK2-LED6 5m 6 LED 229Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 5315mm
K65/MK2-LED4 6.5m 4 LED 220Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 6840mm
K65/MK2-LED6 6.5m 6 LED 239Kg 1030 x 850 x 1970mm 2370 x 3100 x 6840mm
K50/MK2-MH4 5m 4 Metal Halide 165Kg 1920 x 770 x 700mm 2370 x 2370 x 5540mm
K50/MK2-MH6 5m 6 Metal Halide 177Kg 1920 x 770 x 700mm 2370 x 2370 x 5540mm
K65/MK2-MH4 6.5m 4 Metal Halide 192Kg 1920 x 770 x 750mm 3770 x 3770 x 6570mm
K65/MK2-MH6 6.5m 6 Metal Halide 204Kg 1920 x 770 x 750mm 3770 x 3770 x 6570mm

On-Site or Remote Lighting Survey Available

Prolite Lamps are able to offer customers either an on-site or remote LED Lighting survey for all types of different applications nationwide. The Prolite Projects team offer advice upon the following.

Potential quality of light increases
Energy saving audit calculations
Lighting design recommendations