Office Lighting

Office Lighting

LED lighting used in office environments is often specified in brighter and whiter colour temperatures that you would use in the home. This brings the lighting level closer to natural daylight which has been proven to help employees stay alert and concentrate. Upgrading traditional office lighting to modern LED lighting can enhance creativity, productivity, and overall well-being of staff within the office environment.

Our innovative office lighting options are reliable, potentially self-funding and future proof. Our range of commercial LED lighting products carry a 5-year product warranty with a typical energy saving of 70-75% can be made and around 90-95% in maintenance over heads.

Prolite has received a 100% customer satisfaction rate from our previous installations and we work closely with all our customers to ensure the products specified meets their requirements.

Our LED products offer the following benefits over old technology light sources:

Increase productivity of staff

Glass free construction

Integrated control ballast to maximise efficiencies

Longer life product up to 50,000 hours

Simple clean process if broken

Performance increase if using within an air conditioned environment

Lower operating temperatures

Excellent integration with occupancy sensors

Flicker free instant start up

No UV emissions

Lower carbon footprint

No mercury or phosphor

Lighting schemes

With Prolite designing a lighting scheme for your site, it removes any guesswork in light level critical areas prior to installation. Our lighting design service includes:

  • Photometric data of specified fittings
  • LUX level confirmations at working height and floor level
  • 3D imagery of areas designed
  • Energy savings calculations for the site

Project Example 1

The client was looking to upgrade their traditional fluorescent office lighting to create a pleasant working environment for the area, staffed throughout a 14 hour day. The products required to be HMRC ECA compliant due to funding criteria requirements for the site. Prolite LED products were the obvious choice.

Wattage Before LEDWattage After LEDTotal Watts Saved
LUX Before LEDLUX After LEDLUX Gained
219 LUX320 LUX112 LUX
Cost Before LEDCost After LEDSaving
£2785.26 P/A£1345.54 P/A£1439.72 P/A

*Lux is a standardised unit of measurement of light level intensity (which can also be called “illuminance” or “illumination”)

Project Example 2

The client’s requirements was to enhance their current power hungry fluorescent lights with LED lighting. They required higher colour temperatures and lights level to increase the productivity of the staff in the area. The high powered LED products installed not only ticked all of the clients boxes on light level specification, they also offered a performance increase when used within their air conditioned office environment.

Wattage Before LEDWattage After LEDTotal Watts Saved
LUX Before LEDLUX After LEDLUX Gained
390 LUX450 LUX60 LUX
Cost Before LEDCost After LEDSaving
£2485.26 P/A£949.12 P/A£1536.04 P/A

*Lux is a standardised unit of measurement of light level intensity (which can also be called “illuminance” or “illumination”)

Trial and Evaluation

We strongly suggest a trial and test of the proposed solution. As well as confirming the projected LUX levels it gives the customer best opportunity to see benefits of better lighting and ensure that the solution has no unforeseen physical or aesthetic issues on fitment.

Capital Cost Recovery

Wherever commercially advantageous we use ECA approved equipment. Advice and assistance can be provided to allow the navigation through subsequent HMRC paperwork.


Separate finance packages are available for larger projects and cost benefits can be made.


Hounslow Civic Centre Case Study

On-Site or Remote Lighting Survey Available

Prolite Lamps are able to offer customers either an on-site or remote LED Lighting survey for all types of different applications nationwide. The Prolite Projects team offer advice upon the following.

  • Potential quality of light increases
  • Energy saving audit calculations
  •  Lighting design recommendations
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