Indoor LED sports lighting solutions

The Prolite Projects team has a vast experience on working on indoor LED sports lighting solutions for many different client types.

Our in-house design engineers use the Relux Lighting Design Software to produce illumination drawings and complex visualisations for the specific project to ensure that the lighting design specified will meet the required performance.

Prolite’s high power, highly efficient LED fittings are of a superb quality offering clients a reliable, very low maintenance solution for all their indoor sports lighting requirements.

Indoor Sports Lighting Project Example 1
– Babington Community College

Babington Community College are a specialist sports college located in Leicester.

They were looking for a 3-year maintenance free solution for their sports block, including external car park areas, gymnasium, walkways and their specialist Badminton court area.

The lighting system already in place used a mixture of power hungry fluorescent, metal halide and sodium lighting units. These needed frequent maintenance and the light levels for the Badminton court area were below specifications set out by Sport England.

The lights needed to offer a strong return on investment, reduce maintenance costs, have a high illumination level, a low energy usage and have minimal recycling costs.

Before LED After LED Total Watts Saved
3815.7W 1033W 2782.7W


Before LED After LED Total Saving
£11,927.45 £4,013,43 £7,970.99


Indoor Sports Lighting Project Example 2

The client’s tennis facility were looking to upgrade their out-dated lighting units to an ultra-efficient LED lighting system, this needed to offer reduced maintenance costs as lamp changes and cleaning of the old Metal Halide fittings was required yearly to keep light levels as high as possible for the task. The light levels for the court area were below specifications set out by Sport England even with the efforts of the client’s maintaining the fittings every 6 months.

The client also ran the lights all day due to the cold re-strike characteristics of the current system meant that courts could not be used straight away upon entrance of the players using the courts. The Prolite LED system solved all of these issues for the client whilst offering a return on investment on materials in under 1.3 years!

Before LED After LED Total Watts Saved
460W 150W 310W


Before LED After LED Total Saving
£26,844.14 £8,753.52 £18,090.61


On-Site or Remote Lighting Survey Available

Prolite Lamps are able to offer customers either an on-site or remote LED Lighting survey for all types of different applications nationwide. The Prolite Projects team offer advice upon the following.

Potential quality of light increases
Energy saving audit calculations
Lighting design recommendations