Vepac vehicle battery chargers

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The VEPAC range of battery chargers are designed to automatically recharge batteries from a 12 or 24v source, as in cars or trucks. It automatically sense when the engine is running and commences a 3 stage charge.

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ModelInput VoltageOutputDimensionsWeightBattery RangeDownload
Vepac 1212-41212volt 4Amp150 x 55 x 75116 - 32A/hPDF
Vepac 1224-21224volt 2Amp150 x 55 x 7518 - 16A/hPDF
Vepac 1212-42412volt 4Amp150 x 55 x 75116 -32A/h
Vepac 2424-22424volt 2Amp150 x 55 x 7518 - 16A/hPDF
Vepac 1212-201212volt 20Amp120 x 170 x 150280A/h - 160A/hPDF
Vepac 1224-101224volt 10Amp120 x 170 x 150240A/h - 80A/hPDF
Vepac 2412-202412volt 20Amp120 x 170 x 150280A/h - 160A/hPDF
Vepac 2424-102424volt 10Amp120 x 170 x 150240A/h - 80A/hPDF

If the engine has stopped as in stop – start vehicles systems, the Vepac soft wear will start a 15 minute timer, if the input voltage rises above a preset limit before the 15 minutes times out, the Vepac will continue its charging.
If the engine stop or the source voltage drops for longer than 15 minutes, or to a preset low voltage level then the VEPAC turns off to save the source power being drained. The 8 available models make this a versatile unit in the mobility, golf or power tool market. The smaller output units comes with a cigarette lighter input plug, but it can be hard wired in as it starts up and shutdowns automatically. Output connectors can be fitted at request.
All output current can be reduced when manufactured

Typical Applications

  • Golf Cart Battery Charger
  • Scooter Battery Charger
  • Vehicle Battery Charger


  • Electronically controlled
  • Stop / start systems and Regenerative Braking
  • Input voltage 12 or 24V DC
  • Output voltage 12 or 24V
  • 3 stages of charging
  • Proportional Timing control
  • LED status indication
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Compact light weight metal housing
  • Short circuit protection
  • Auto start up and shutdown

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