Gold Tint 2W LED Filament Candle Lamp

£1.99 Inc VAT

The Prolite Gold Tint 2W LED filament candle lamp is a perfect replacement for chandeliers, traditional style and decorative light fittings. The innovative design of the exposed LED filaments replicates the appearance of the incandescent filament bulb offering a 360 degree light distribution as well as all the other benefits of LED technology. At 200 lumens the 2W LED filament candle is a brilliant replacement to the traditional 25W standard incandescent candle bulb or a 7W compact fluorescent candle.


A 2W LED filament candle lamp with a gold tint. Offers exactly the same benefits as the standard filament candle lamps but with a decorative gold tint for a classic look.

Rated A++ For Efficiency

360 Degree Light Output

Non Dimmable

Glass Envelope

Instant Full Light

Operating Voltage 240V

2700K Warm White

Average Life 25,000 Hours

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