Desk Top Automatic Battery Chargers

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The Prolite Desk Top range of Automatic Battery Chargers are designed for all lead acid battery types including gel, maintenance free and sealed.


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ModelInput VoltageOutputDimensionsWeightBattery rangeDownload
Beta E 12V 4Amp230 Volt12volt 4Amp150 x 110 x 40216A/h - 32A/hPDF
Beta E 24V 2Amp230 Volt24volt 2Amp150 x 110 x 4028 - 16A/hPDF
Delta E 24V 4Amp100-230 Volt24volt 4Amp190 x 82 x 40216A/h - 32A/hASK
Elite E 24V 5Amp230 Volt24volt 5Amp150 x 110 x 40216A/h - 32A/h
Delta E 12V 8Amp100-230 Volt12volt 8Amp190 x 82 x 40232A/h - 64A/hASK
Delta E 12V 10Amp100-240V12volt 10Amp150 x 110 x 40240A/h - 80A/hPDF
Delta E 24V 8Amp100-240V24volt 8Amp225 x 110 x 50232A/h - 64A/hPDF
Delta E 24V 12.5Amp100-240V24volt 12.5Amp225 x 110 x 50260A/h - 120A/hPDF


Output voltages of 12V or 24V
Input voltage of 230V (Beta) or 100-230V (Delta)
Output currents up to 20A
Short circuit protection
3 stage charging
Timing control
Reverse polarity protection
Accurate charge status via 4 LEDs
Compact steel housing
Output connector options
Choice of plug type

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