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Prolite Projects Revamps the Lighting at Stamford Tennis Club

Prolite Projects Revamps the Lighting at Stamford Tennis Club

Stamford Tennis Club are one of the largest tennis clubs in Lincolnshire, with over 370 members that share the use of 7 all-weather courts with Stamford School.

The 14-year-old lighting system that was originally in place at the courts were power hungry sodium floodlights that offered very low colour rendition and overall quality of light to the courts. This meant that tracking the ball when in play was proving difficult for the court users.



Graham Winestone, Stamford Tennis Club House Manager, was passionate about finding a unique, long-term, sustainable solution that would improve lighting levels over the court areas in a joint resurfacing revamp project.

The challenge that was brought to the Prolite Projects team was how to raise the LUX levels significantly above the old system to achieve the required LTA lighting level standards.

After a full site evaluation, light modelling and initial site testing, the Prolite Projects team carefully selected multiple, highly efficient LED Sport products from the Prolite range to recommend for installation at the site.

These luminaires combine highly efficient, high output LED’s with state-of-the-art asymmetric lensing to prevent both upward light spillage as well as glare on the courts.

Once the fittings had been approved an installation plan was devised by the Prolite Projects team to help minimise disruption to the club’s operational times. This plan included the critical setup process of the light heads, optimising light levels for the courts ongoing.

Before Photos

After Photos

The final results met and exceeded expectations. The LUX on the PPA was improved by more than double from 247 LUX to over 570 LUX (within the PPA areas) and the high quality white light provided creates a much better environment for players.

“I would definitely recommend Ritelite’s Prolite Projects team to any clubs who are considering upgrading their lighting system. They develop productive relationships with customers and deliver to time, cost and specification.” Graham Winestone – House Manager, Stamford Tennis Club

Ritelite Light’s Up Depots for Boels Rental

Ritelite Light’s Up Depots for Boels Rental

Ritelite have recently been working closely with Boels Rental in both existing depots and on new planned depots to ensure that the lighting installed is safe, functional and efficient.

One of the most current projects has been focused on a new Boels Rental Depot in Newcastle. Using the site plans the team was able to generate lighting plots and recommend a lighting solution for the new depot.

The products installed were Ritelite’s new 150W linear LED Bay lights fitted with Microwave sensors. The fittings met the required specification for the client and had been installed at different depots previously with good feedback and performance.

“I have been working with Ashley Newton at Ritelite Systems for over a year now and have always found him to be very responsive to our demands, be it for lighting designs, quotations or specifications of products.

Good lighting is key to ensuring our estates are compliant, energy efficient and safe places for our colleagues to work in. The benefit of working with Ritelite is that once provided with our drawings and requirements they produce all the lighting designs for us, suggest an appropriate product and provide us with a quote to supply the equipment. Buying direct from the manufacturer, where we have a direct single point of contact has proved so much easier than dealing with an Electrical Wholesalers, as we have done previously.

Ashley has recently helped us with our new depot in Newcastle, a site that will enable us to grow our presence in the North East of England and better serve our customers with our ever expanding range of equipment. We decided to make use of 19 of their newest luminaries, the Prolite 150W LED High Bay Linear Light with Microwave Sensors. The fittings arrived well packaged on a pallet and from opening the first unit I was struck by the quality of the fitting, no cheap tinny enclosures, no thin lenses and no exposed dazzlingly bright LED chips. Installation of the fittings was also a breeze, a pair of sturdy eyes pre-cast into the aluminium heat sink made hanging the fittings easy, as did the pre-wired flex of more than ample length. I’ve had experience of fittings with Microwave detectors in the past, I’ve also had the experience of repeatedly having to go up to each sensor, unscrew a cover and mess around with little switches to get the right programming, not the case with these fittings, all the programming can be changed by remote control from the ground, full control of detection range, dimming levels and durations and best of all at what ambient level to turn off altogether.

Are these the best fittings I’ve used in my 14 years as an Electrician? Undoubtedly!

We look forward to working with Ritelite Systems again as Boels Rental continues its bold expansion plans across the UK.” Adam Goodfellow, Safety & Compliance Manager, Boels Rental

Paten & Co, Stamford

Funky Filament Lamps transform Paten & Co, Stamford

After seeing our Funky filament LED Light bulbs, Knead Pubs asked if we could provide advice and product options to fit some unique fittings that had been collected by the proprietor.

One of our lighting specialists viewed the site during the building and renovation process. After seeing the fittings, we were able to specify some decorative and functional LED options that were in keeping with the aesthetics of the Paten & Co Venue yet offered the proprietors an energy saving from traditional wattage light bulbs.

Ross Dykes – Operations Manager

“Ritelite helped us source some unique lamps to add amazing lighting effects to our pub Paten & Co after our proprietor found some vintage and industrial light fittings. They were full of knowledge and good suggestions, directing us to the right solution for our venue.”

The March Hare Tearooms at the Pantry

The March Hare Tearooms

@ the Pantry

Prolite Lamps tranforms the March Hare Tearooms in Corby Glen, Lincolnshire

The Prolite Lamps project team have recently assisted the new owner, Amy Roberts, of the March Hare at the Pantry Café in Corby Glen, Lincolnshire with a lighting makeover.

When Amy took over the business in the Autumn of 2018 the lighting was a mixture of fluorescent strip light fittings left over from when the building was a doctors surgery and other odd lights that had been added at different times.

Amy wanted to create a much softer lighting effect that was more in keeping with a café environment yet also interesting to add to the quirkiness of the March Hare theme.


Through the installation of a mixture of Prolite lamps including 4 Giant Funky Filament PS160 Smoked lamps the Café has been transformed. The cozy corner is now much more relaxing and the main café is much more attractive to customers visiting.

Amy and her team are thrilled with the results and have had plenty of positive feedback from their regulars who have seen the transformation take place.

“Thank you to Ritelite’s Prolite Lamps team for transforming The March Hare Tearooms. We had the old fashioned striplights and we needed direction to make the tearooms lighting softer, energy efficient and give it a sparkle. From strip lights to a mixture of stunning hanging lights and bright bulbs for a chandler it’s made the tearooms exactly what we were looking for. We now run much more efficiently so saving money too is always a winning combination. Thank you to Laura Hazlewood for her time and amazing advice as I had no idea where to start!” 

Ritelite gets 10 out of 10 from The March Hare Tearooms.

Amy Roberts, Business Owner 


Chiltern Cold Storage Group

Chiltern Cold Storage

Prolite Projects meet the LED Upgrade Challenge at Chiltern Cold Storage Group. 

Prolite Projects meet the LED Upgrade Challenge at Chiltern Cold Storage Group.

“You just can’t cut corners with the combination of LED lighting and temperature-controlled environments” says John Davidson, Managing Director of Chiltern Cold Storage Group LTD.

The lighting system that was in place at Chiltern Cold Storage Group, when the Prolite Projects team carried out their initial site survey, used power hungry light fittings that required frequent maintenance and offered a very poor light level. The light levels in all the different areas were much lower than required within a storage environment where quality product control checks are completed by the workforce on site several times a day.

John Davidson was very passionate about finding a unique, long term, sustainable solution that would improve lighting in all areas of the site. This included the offices, ambient warehouses, packing areas and also -22 degree Celsius storage areas.

The Challenge that was brought to the Prolite projects team was how to raise the lighting Lux levels significantly above the old system in all areas whilst showing a significant energy saving and a good return on investment for the site too!

After a full site evaluation, light modelling and site testing, the Prolite Projects team carefully selected multiple, highly efficient, LED products from the Prolite range to recommend for installation at the site. These luminaires were selected to combine state-of-the-art occupancy monitoring sensors and to optimise the ‘Co-efficiency of Performance’ (Also known as COP) saving that can be generated when combining LED lighting efficiency with cold store environments.

Good COP?  When Prolite LED luminaires are used to replace less efficient light sources, typically metal halide or sodium lighting, there is an additional saving gained when used in refrigerated environments.

In addition to the lighting circuit’s reduced energy consumption, there will also be less power consumed by the cooling system to maintain the fitting to the desired temperature. This is due to the higher efficiency of the Prolite LED light fittings producing less waste heat that previously had to be removed by the refrigeration system.

An installation plan was devised by Prolite Projects team together with the installation team to minimise any disruption to Chiltern’s operations effectively splitting the project into five phases to complete the project within the required timescale but minimising interruption to daily work processes wherever possible.

The installation plan included using the most efficient state of the art control systems across all phases of the installation to give maximum energy savings and return on investment allowing lights to automatically dim up and down when human presence is detected.

The installation team worked in a number of areas outside normal operating hours, including weekend and evening work in some areas. This helped to minimise disruption to Chiltern’s operational processes. Prolite Projects even supplied LED mobile lighting tower solutions to assist operations in key areas to avoid any disruptions to Chiltern’s working day.

One of the Lighting designs put together by the Prolite Projects team

In total, over 500 fittings were installed across the site with minimal inconvenience and disruption to the site and workforce throughout their busy scheduled days.

Brett Virgin, Project Manager at Prolite Projects, who planned and oversaw the project was very pleased with the outcome:

“Chiltern Cold Storage Group’s LED lighting upgrade project is very impressive. All of the staff’s comments on light levels have been very positive and the project have given me a lot of personal satisfaction seeing it come to completion and seeing the massive improvements that we have been able to make. Chiltern have been a pleasure to work with along every step of the way.”

The LED upgrade that Chiltern Cold Storage Group have undertaken will deliver over £30,000 worthof energy saving per year on previous lighting costs alone. Savings are further enhanced with COP savings in the cold environments, reduced maintenance costs and much improved light levels throughout the site which is expected to reduce pick and pack errors significantly.

The LED lighting upgrade solution that has been installed has given Chiltern an increase in light levels of up to 400% and a massive energy saving increase through the combination of efficient luminaires and installation of a microwave sensor system of over 65% post installation. A 5-year product warranty supported by Prolite Projects will, in turn, guarantee that savings will be made into the future.

John Davidson, Managing Director of Chiltern Cold Storage Group LTD is very satisfied with the results that have been achieved:

“The LED lighting upgrade project has been hassle-free from start to finish. The staff, both on site and in the office, at Prolite Projects are professional and have a real keen eye for detail which is what the project demanded.  The light level improvement and energy saving combination has been noticed by key staff in all departments around the busy site. The project has been a real win-win for Chiltern.”

Lighting in one area before the LED Upgrade

The same area after the LED Upgrade project

Farmer Barnes Case Study

Farmer Barnes

Prolite installs LED Lighting for the expanding Farmer Barnes Dairy in Leicestershire.

Prolite installs LED Lighting for the expanding Farmer Barnes Dairy in Leicestershire.

One of the Prolite project’s teams latest projects was to design an LED lighting scheme for the new building complex at Alma Bank Farm in Somerby, south of Melton Mowbray.

The 400 acres surrounding the new building complex has been farmed by the Barnes family since 1941. 4 generations have worked on the farm which has a cheese contract with the Long Clawson Dairy co-operative, the principal producer of Stilton cheese in the world.  The co-operative is made up of 45 members taking milk from Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire only as the 3 single origins that milk for Stilton cheese must come from.

The 130 strong Ayrshire and British Friesian x Ayrshire milking cow herd are expanding leading to the requirement for new buildings and a larger milking parlour. The new buildings, manufactured by Wales-based manufacturer Shufflebottom of Cross Hands, have replaced older, much smaller buildings at South Fields Farm in Somerby village and the new site has the added benefit of its own entrance from a minor road linking Owston to Pickwell.

The new building complex consists of the milking parlour, 14,000-litre bulk tank, calving area, cow housing, straw storage and visitor education and viewing areas. The roof area of the largest building is 1.3 acres, covered with 80 tonnes of P6R fibre cement roof cladding, with rooflights on one-fifth of the area.

The two largest buildings are 220 feet long, and just over 110 feet and almost 71 feet wide respectively. The smaller third building is still 80 feet by 20 feet, and all three are 16 feet to the eaves. The open-sided galvanised barn on the edge of the site, which has a capacity of 80,000 cubic feet, is 100 feet long, 40 feet wide and 20 feet up to the eaves.

The Prolite Project’s teams brief was to light the buildings with energy efficient LED lighting to meet required lux levels especially in the milking parlour so that staff had sufficient light to attached all the milking equipment properly.

LED 150W High bay disc light fittings were fitted throughout the new buildings giving the owners a long term LED solution that would meet all their requirements. The installation was completed in late summer and is now in full operation.

Big Web Warehouse, Peterborough

Big Web Warehouse, Peterborough

The requirement:

The Prolite Projects team were contacted to plan a lighting design for underneath a new mezzanine area that was being built within part of a large warehouse.

The lighting needed to provide enough light for the stores personnel to pack and wrap pallets and parcels.

The customer wanted to maximise the space that could be used below the mezzanine for storage therefore was interested in low LED profile fittings.

The Solution

Prolite’s range of Lo-Pro Fittings were the perfect solution to this requirement.

The Prolite project team planned the installation within the Relux Lighting simulation programme to ensure the correct number of fittings were installed to meet the required light levels in the under mezzanine area.

The Result

“Ritelite provided an excellent service in both specification and supply of the lighting for our new mezzanine area.
The area has been transformed by the bright, pure white, LED fixtures. We’re delighted.” Jarred, Big Web Warehouse

Leverton Brothers Case Study

Leverton Brothers

The Leverton Brothers are a South Lincolnshire based grower of potatoes, sugarbeet, pulses, oilseeds, straw and grains.

The Requirement:

Prolite Projects were appointed to specify the correct lighting levels using the most efficient LED lighting possible within the Leverton Brothers‘ three zone climate controlled potato box store at Dyke Fen Farm, Bourne.  This included both general lighting, periodic potato inspection lighting and also external floodlighting to the perimeter of the building.

The Solution:

Using a range of foodsafe specification light fittings, the Prolite Project team fitted a range of food-safe fittings suitable for the application. The project demanded a combination of both highly efficient LED light output and uniform light levels required for the inspection of potatoes within all of the the 3 stores which the Prolite Project team achieved on budget.

Grimsthorpe Case Study

Grimsthorpe Castle

A Wonderful Castle in the heart of Lincolnshire. Grimsthorpe Castle is a historic house that lies within a 3000 acre park of rolling pastures, lakes and woodland landscaped by Capability Brown.


Grimsthorpe Castle is a beautiful stately home set in stunning countryside near Bourne in Lincolnshire. The castle is the centrepiece of the estate and is a large quadrangular house with a central courtyard. Each section of the house has a different appearance, reflecting the different architectural styles that have been employed here since building began in the 13th century.

Grimsthorpe has been the home of the de Eresby family since 1516 when it was granted by Henry VIII to the 11th Baron Willoughby de Eresby on the occasion of his marriage to Maria de Salinas, lady-in-waiting to Queen Katherine of Aragon. It is now owned and managed by The Grimsthorpe & Dummond Castle trust.

The Requirement:

The Castle collection includes tapestries, furniture, ceramics and paintings. Many are on display in the State rooms where the shutters and curtains are closed to ensure that the fragile contents in the rooms are protected from direct sunlight.

There are many lights within the rooms to create an intimate and home-like atmosphere and to display the contents to the many visitors the castle receives each year.

The numerous chandeliers and standard lamps consume a vast amount of energy annually. The problem the trust needed to overcome was how to save energy whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the standard incandescent lamps and visually displaying the exhibits of the room to maximum effect.

The Solution:

The Prolite Projects team conducted an energy survey at the castle to identify potential energy savings that could be achieved through an LED upgrade installation throughout the castle.
By upgrading the standard power hungry incandescent lamps to Prolite’s new range of aesthetically pleasing LED filament lamps the energy usage in the rooms where lamps have been changed has reduced by over 95%.

The return on investment for the Castle was achieved in less than 3 months! The 2 year product warranty offered by Prolite ensures that the savings will be made time and time again.

Sebastian Miller “The Prolite Projects Team undertook a comprehensive survey of Grimsthorpe Castle’s lighting requirements, identified the savings and then delivered a quality product on time and within budget.”

Energy Savings

Annual Electricity Bill Before
Annual Electricity Bill After

Energy Savings: £12405.10 Per Annum

Return on investment was achieved within less than three months